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A Collection of Steampunk and Industrial Lamps. 

The ultimate in mixed(up) media.

"It's not just about the light, but also the art."

Our Shows

Thank you to everyone who was able to stop by our booth at Riverssance in Davenport, Iowa.  We had a great show and the weather was fantastic for most of it! 

We again received lots of positive and helpful feedback and it was nice meeting so many wonderful people.  Those in charge of the show did a wonderful job and all the volunteers were amazing!  Thank you to everyone who helped put this show together!

We will let you know where we will be next!

The Full Story

Making old, worn out parts useful and beautiful again.

I have always enjoyed making things and stained glass and the steampunk/industrial lamps have given me the opportunity to do that.  We try to incorporate used parts into the art as much as we can, trying to save some wonderful and useful parts from ending up in the landfills.

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