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Here are more lamps.  They are numbers 69 - 74.




There is a whole lot going on with this lamp.  The control box in the middle operates the two large lights independently, the red indicator light on the right, and the two lights on the control box.  Toss in a few gauges and a wall and you have quite the situation happening.   I really like how a lot of the piping is hidden by the wall.  It gives the look and feel of a wall in an industrial room.  All piping is black pipe.  I struggled on how to use the control box for quite some time and I think this design really makes great use of it.  This turned out better than I hoped.

23"L x 13"D x 28"H



I really enjoy working with copper pipe (and my soldering is getting pretty darned good!), but wanted a new look.  There is some issue with not having the look and feel of a substantial structure, so I added in the black pipe to bulk things up.  I love the way it turned out.  The copper and black really go well together.  I plan on doing more like this in the future.  I like the two small oilers and the black diamond plate base.


11"L x 14"D x 25"H




Well, that didn't take long.  Here is another lamp that combines copper with black pipe and I think this was as successful as the previous lamp.  The two small switches work the large light on top and the small night light-type light in the glass tube, independently.  There is a gauge and some sprinkler heads.  The base is old pallet wood.  I think the grace of the copper goes so well with the bulkier black pipe to create a nice contrast.

15"L x 9"D x 24"H



We are back on the wall.  This time the focal point is the Torx clock at the bottom.  Even though it doesn't work, it still adds a lot to the lamp.  There are two larger lights that work independently of each other and the a smaller indicator light that can be used as a night light.  The meter in the middle does work when the switch is turned on.  There is a ton of black pipe and this is a hefty piece because of it!  The base is old pallet wood.  Again, the hidden pipes really make this a cleaner looking lamp.


21"L x 11"D x 28"H




This lamp pays homage to the very first lamp I made and I think it does a wonderful job in doing so!  Sometimes it is nice to go back to where you started.  The lamp has a feel and look similar to lamp #1, but is its own lamp.  I can tell you one thing for sure, I have come a long way in the 72 lamps since #1!  The two lights are operated by their own switch at the top and the gauge on the right is actually a thermometer that works pretty well.  The bottom of the piping that holds the thermometer is open so that the thermometer can be functional.  The base is old pallet wood and it is made from black pipe.

20"L x 12"D x 30"H



This piece uses a switch box donated by a generous client who has visited us at a few shows (thanks JI!).  It was fun trying to incorporate it into a lamp.  The box had a switch that was a little tough to throw.  So, after an adjustment (or two) I got it so that the throw was smoother and easier and it doesn't pull over the lamp!  It was well worth the time and effort.  The throw does operate both lights.  Most of the pipe is 1" black pipe, so this lamp is a hefty one.  There is one gauge that provides a little something and there is a lock for the box to keep interested minds out!  The base is old pallet wood.


21"L x 13"D x 29"H

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